The Cobalt Smart-Heat™ Electric embodies the core characteristics of the Bromic Heating range, simplifying proven performers to produce an entry-level Smart-Heater. The extended body of this rugged electric heater is constructed entirely from stainless steel, providing reliability and strong heating performance across an exceptionally large area.

Cobalt Smart Heat - Electric

    • Ultra-Durable Quartz Element

      Translucent fused quartz houses a thick steel coil to create a high-output, durable element that emits a soft red glow

    • Parabolic Specular Reflector (PSR)

      A mirror-finish anodized rear reflector directs lost infrared energy back towards the target, maximizing performance and efficiency

    • Ultra-Durable Design

      Stainless steel construction ensures reliable heating for years to come

    • Precise Directional Heating

      Accurately alter coverage through simple bracket adjustment

    • Wireless Control Capabilities

      Genuine wireless control accessories allow seamless integration of remote heating output adjustment