After years of requests from the competition circuit, we have designed the Cimarron trailer to fit those needs. The Cimarron is sleek, lightweight and competition ready! We started with our Cimarron model competition cart and extended it another foot, giving you a 26" x 66" chamber that boasts 2,400 square inches of cooking space between the two grate levels. This pit can cook an entire competition, with room to spare, and with Yoder Smokers' legendary Heat Management System, the heat and smoke in the Cimarron Trailer can be precisely and effortlessly controlled.

The Cimarron 26" Trailer

  • Included

    • Square Insulated Fire Box with Boiler Style Door
    • Heat Management Plate
    • 10 Gauge Stainless Steel Front Shelf
    • 16" Tires and Wheels
    • Stay Cool Handles
    • Stainless Steel Hinges



    • Charcoal Basket for Firebox (+199.00)
  • Cooking Surface

    2400 Sq. Inches
    Three 24.75"x22" racks in Main Chamber
    Two 24.75"x16" slide-out second shelves

    Overall Length 58" (Including Trailer)
    Overall Height 66"
    Overall Depth 164" (Including Trailer)
    Weight 2,500 lbs.