So, your reputation as the neighborhood pit-master is drawing a crowd. The Wichita boasts up to 1,093 square inches of cooking surface gives you all the room you need for additional meats and sides. Precision crafted, the Wichita's dual-damper draft control system produces professional results–regardless of your level of experience. For even more cooking versatility, the Wichita features a firebox grill grate and an optional top slide out shelf. From the backyard to large gatherings–or even competitive events–the Wichita will astound your newfound fans.


  • Included

    • Pot Warmer
    • Stay Cool Handles
    • Wagon Wheels
    • Grease Drain
    • Offset Firebox
    • Log Grate
    • Temperature Gauge



    • Door Counter Weight (+125.00)
    • 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf (+75.00)
    • Heat Management Plate (+95.00)
    • Charcoal Grate for Cooking Chamber (+37.00)
    • Propane Log Lighter (+79.00)
    • Probe Port (+39.95)
    • Wichita Cover (+139.95)
    • Wichita Cover - with Counter Weight (+139.95)
    • Charcoal Basket for Firebox (+149.00)
  • Cooking Surface

    1,093 Sq. Inches

    Two 19.75" x 19" Cooking Grates in Main Chamber

    19" x 18" Cooking Grate in Firebox

    Optional 14.5" x 36.5" 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf

    Overall Length 78"
    Overall Height 57"
    Overall Depth 34" (Including Front Shelf)
    Weight 495 lbs