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EDG Patio & Shade is the premier distributor for patio enclosures We believe people prefer to spend their time outside. Being based in Chicago, the EDG Team knows that our nice days are limited and our seasons come and go quickly. So why not find ways to enhance your outdoor living space and extend the season?

At EDG Patio & Shade, we found a way to achieve this. By supplying products that enhance outdoor living to General Contractors, Architects, Hospitality Groups, Interior Designers and Homeowners, we're able to create beautiful exterior spaces with your help.

Whether you have a commercial, hospitality, or residential project, we want to work with you!

Quick Overview: Products We Supply

  • Waterproof Shade Structures

  • Custom Steel Windows and Doors

  • Folding, Sliding and Pocket Doors

  • Cladding Materials for Siding and Decking

  • Sun Shade Motorized Screens 

  • Architectural Sun Protections

  • Fire & Heat Products

  • Outdoor Appliances

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • Outdoor Electronics

We invite you to visit our "Products" Tab to learn more about each product on a deeper level. Thank you for visiting our website. We are excited to work with you!